Welcome to Norfolk BHM 2016

Welcome to this year’s Norfolk Black History Month celebrations

Abraham Eshetu

Norfolk Black History Month (BHM) brings a diverse set of people together to celebrate the contribution of Black people past and present. It provides a platform for promoting community cohesion through building trust and confidence among our diverse communities. It also gives everyone the opportunity and confidence to look into, and appreciate, their own and others history and heritage.

In 2016 there is even more need and purpose in reflecting on our shared history and cohesion to help sustain respect and understanding between our diverse communities and combat the racism and xenophobia that has been catalysed by populist referendum campaign messages and despicable spike in hate crime. It is crucial that as a community and as a country we are able to appreciate and commemorate the many vital contributions that have been made by members of Black and Ethnic Minority communities. We must come together to proudly stand for unity and firmly against division and intolerance. Learning and celebrating our shared history gives us strength and hope to address discrimination and institutional biases.

This October Norfolk Black History Month will bring you many events across Norwich and Norfolk to help you promote diversity, challenge prejudice and engage with Norfolk's diverse communities. This year our theme is The Power of words, we have organised a variety of events for different ages and tastes. From talks and lectures to theatre and music, here is something for everyone to join in and celebrate our shared history'.

I would like to thank for their support our partners Norfolk County Council, Norwich City Council, Norfolk Community Foundation and other statutory and voluntary agencies. Norfolk BHM has again this year organised a community centred celebration for all to enjoy. Come and join in the celebration.

Abraham Eshetu, Chair of Norfolk Black History Month
Black Heritage and Culture

What is Black History Month?

Here we detail some of the ideas and history behind the annual celebration.

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