Peter Sek

Peter Sek was born in Uganda and spent his formative years living there, moving to Lesotho as a teenager. There he studied art at Machabeng International College, before going on to teach art at the American International School of Lesotho in 2001. Throughout this time, Peter continued to work from his own studio and successfully exhibited his work in Southern Africa and the UK. On moving to Norfolk in 2003, Peter started to work with primary and secondary schools, running workshops and residencies with art, music and African cultural themes. He was artist in residence at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts during black history month 2006.

He draws inspiration for his work from memories of his childhood and the culture of Uganda and Southern Africa. In combining the colour and vibrancy of Africa with his eclectic and varied styles, Peter produces a range of work to suit every taste. He now works in 2D (acrylic, oils) and 3D (reclaimed materials) creating fine art paintings, musical masks and beautiful jewellery. Peter answered a few questions about Black History Month.

Question and Answer

Q: What is your job title?
I’m a self-employed Artist, DJ and Music Producer. I love to paint and create new ideas.
Q: The best thing about your work?
When people come to visit my studio and they say that the colours in my work make them feel happy.
Q: The worst thing about your work?
When it’s raining for a week, my energy goes down.
Q: Favourite place in Norfolk?
The woods near my house.
Q: How long have you been involved in Black History Month?
Since 2006 when I was artist in residence at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.
Q: What's the best thing about BHM?
Bringing young children to events so they can learn about the important figures in black history. My children love meeting up with other children at the launch in Norwich each year.
Q: What are you doing this year for BHM?
Exhibiting in Cambridge at ArtCell Gallery which is situated at the Li Ka Shing Centre, Cambridge. I will also be running workshops for primary age children in local schools.
Q: Your best BHM memory?
The first time I was invited to exhibit at the Norfolk BHM launch in 2006.
Q: How do you think BHM is perceived across Norfolk?
In the city it seems to be doing really well but in the smaller towns it has yet to take off. I hope I can play a part in raising the public awareness of Norfolk’s BHM events.
Q: Something special you’ve learned through your involvement in BHM?
That BHM does not just celebrate and highlight cultural figures and the arts but also spotlights people of black origin who would otherwise be forgotten in history like scientists and inventors.
Q: How would you like to see BHM change in the coming years?
I would like it to spread over Norfolk, in big towns through to small villages, with events running all over the county.

To see more of his work visit Peter’s website or telephone 07745 364 536 to arrange for a visit to his studio. To book a workshop or stall for an event please email Peter.

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