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  • Adventures in Anti-cool

    Tue. 27 October 2009 | 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM

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    Catch three knock-out and very individual hip-hop theatre and dance performances in the same evening! Hip-hop theatre artist Banxy presents his new solo piece Ikky Wakk. Is Ikky still at the top of the breakdance game or has age got the best of him?

    KnoLove Productions present their solo piece Cool Rules, a fierce uncompromising tale of pride, fear and hope exploring the explosion of violence within our young communities.

    The whole evening will be topped off with Adventures in Anti-Cool, a fast and fun vignette of hip-hop theatre ‘what-ifs’, boldly going where no B-Boy has any right to be. Banxy and Curtis James from KnoLove team up to seek out new hip-hop theatre (but not as we know it) by riffing on themes as diverse as Star Trek, club nights and the inner nerd.

    Norwich: The Playhouse, 42-58 St George’s Street, NR3 1AB
    £10, £8 concessions, £7 student group
    01603 598598
    The Playhouse
    Ages 9+

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