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  • Cuban Orishas – Performance

    Sat. 17 October 2009 | 8:00 - 10:00 PM

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    Santería is a vibrant religious tradition, the result of centuries of contact in Cuba between European Catholic elements and traditional African, Yoruba religion.

    This performance, with former members of the acclaimed Cuban dance group Danza Libre, will present aspects of Santería worship alongside some of the stories of the Orishas (Yoruba deities syncretised with Catholic Saints) and their exhilarating songs, rhythms and dances.

    Earlier in the day you can take part in drum and dance workshops, join in a lively discussion about the religion, and enjoy an international dinner party. Those who attend the workshops have the chance to take part in the evening’s performance.

    Norwich: St Gregory’s Centre for the Arts, St Gregory’s Church, NR2 1ER
    07857 260799
    Level access to all areas.
    St Gregory’s Centre for the Arts, Timba Ferrera Conga!, El Iyawo

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