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Radio Coverage 2009

Future Radio Studio

Throughout October: BHM 2009 Coverage on Future Radio

Future Radio 96.9 FM is the official radio station of Norfolk BHM 2009.

Tune in or listen live over the internet throughout October for exclusive interviews, BHM radio drama, arts content and a variety of other BHM features.

Also check our website for special BHM Podcasts and news on all our BHM related programming.

Date Title
02 Oct 2009 Community Chest
04 Oct 2009 Platform
07 Oct 2009 Real Talkin’
09 Oct 2009 Community Chest
11 Oct 2009 Platform
14 Oct 2009 Real Talkin’
16 Oct 2009 Community Chest
18 Oct 2009 Platform
21 Oct 2009 Real Talkin’
23 Oct 2009 Community Chest
25 Oct 2009 Platform
28 Oct 2009 Real Talkin’
30 Oct 2009 Community Chest

What is Black History Month?

Here we detail some of the ideas and history behind the annual celebration.

Events By Year

Date Title
2012 Norfolk Black History Month
2011 Norfolk Black History Month
2010 Norfolk Black History Month
2009 Norfolk Black History Month


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