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  • Rebel Lion meets King Original

    Sat. 24 October 2009 | 9 PM - 1 AM

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    Rebel Lion sound system are proud to invite back to Norfolk one of East London’s, longest running sound systems, King Original. Now running for an astonishing 40 years, as a sound based firmly upon the teachings of their Rastafarian faith they deal with spreading the principles of universal truth, rights and justice through roots reggae music. World-renown for their large stable of artists, the night will feature the vocal talents of Colourman, Ras Iwan and Kingjay alongside selector & operator Father Wazir.

    Rally around people for a night of authentic sound system pressure and strictly positive vibrations.

    Geldeston: The Locks Inn, Locks Lane, NR34 0HW
    07891 782971
    Not wheelchair accessible
    Rebel Lion

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