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  • Patrice Lumumba Seminar

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    Patrice Lumumba was a patriot who fought for the freedom of the Congolese people from the Belgian King. Despite his poor education and humble origin he rose to become a leader and inspiration for his people, and the first Prime Minister.

    This event is a seminar for the International Men’s Group – a group of unemployed BME men and their friends, families and communities – on empowerment and building to the future based on the life story of Lumumba.

    This event is amongst 14 that were each awarded a bursary by Norfolk Community Cohesion and Norfolk County Council in partnership with the Norfolk Black History Month Steering Group.

    Norwich: Unit 6, Beckham Place (off Esdelle Street), NR3 3DZ
    07909 186405
    Interface Learning

What is Black History Month?

Here we detail some of the ideas and history behind the annual celebration.

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