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  • African Dance Day

    Sat. 15 October 2011 | 10 AM - 3 PM

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    An exciting African Dance Day, incorporating various styles of dance rooted in African traditions. Anna Mudeka and José Ferrera Mulen will offer Southern and West African dance styles, as well as Afro Cuban dance styles and salsa.

    The day will end with a demonstration and workshop from Jamaican dance group JANUKA. They will present a Jamaican reinvention of the European Quadrille formation dance; created and enjoyed, even under threat of harsh punishment, for generations since the era of slavery. (The group are visiting Norwich thanks to a BHM bursary and in collaboration with Culture Crossroads)

    Norwich: Norfolk Dance @ The Garage, Chapelfield North, NR2 1NY
    £20, £17 concessions
    01603 283399
    Fully accessible
    Norfolk Dance
    Suitable for adults (16+) of all abilities.

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