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  • Rap Workshop featuring the exceptional performance poet, Kenny Baraka

    Fri. 28 October 2011 | 2:30 - 5 PM

    2:30 - 5 PM
    Rap workshop
    7:30 - 9:30 PM
    Performance Poetry Event featuring Kenny Baraka

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    Performance poetry makes poetry accessible to people who might otherwise avoid it. Some poets have serious thoughts to share, others verbal dexterity or the wish simply to entertain. A good performance poet provides a night out that is thought-provoking, surprising and fun. Kenny Baraka is one of the very best. Born in Eritrea, raised in New York and now residing in London, he is an author, journalist, lyricist, lecturer, songwriter, teacher and exceptional performance poet. He has taken his charismatic brand of street-smart intellectualism across the world, and been touring the UK extensively for the past few years, performing, compering, and facilitating workshops. His most recent recording, a spoken word album entitled Conversations With The Yout was recognised as one of the best spoken word records of the year. He is currently working on a multi-media work fusing creative writing, performance poetry and animation, and has written and produced a HipHopera.

    Kenny Baraka comes to Cromer to work with local young people and create material for showcasing as part of his evening performance. This is an amazing opportunity for for local people aged 12 to 19.

    Kenny is brought to us through Apples and Snakes, the leading organisation for the development, promotion and delivery of the very best of performance poetry in the UK.

    Cromer: The Social Room @ Cromer Parish Church, Church Road, NR27 9HA
    Free (25 places available for young people aged 12-19 years from Cromer Youth Club and the surrounding area)
    01263 519454
    Fully accessible
    Apples and Snakes
    Suitable for young people aged 12 to 19.
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