• Bursary Award Winners 2012

    African Film Evening – Zeka Laplaine

    As in previous years, applicants were awarded grants to help stage an event during Black History Month.

    Norfolk County Council Norfolk Celebrating Talent

    This year the Norfolk Community Cohesion Network, in partnership with Norfolk County Council, Norfolk Constabulary Black Police Association and Norfolk Celebrating Talent, has supported a number of community events linked to Norfolk Black History Month 2012 that celebrate ‘Black Champions’. The successful applicant Community groups listed below were each awarded £200 towards an event to celebrate Black excellence in Norfolk.

    1. Zimbabwe Association

      Celebrating Benjamin Mwaruwari
    2. Zimbabwe Association

      Celebrating Francis Ampofo
    3. Friends of Kings, Andy Moss, Esther Ndungu, Kiwi Moyo

      Wangaria Maathai
    4. International Friendship Group (News Routes)

      Joy Kwesiga
    5. International Men’s Workshop (New Routes)

      Harry Belafonte
    6. New Routes Mentoring Project

      African Film Evening – Zeka Laplaine
    7. International Families Club (New Routes)

      Sundiata, the Lion King of Mali
    8. Interface MMA

      Celebrating Clive Lewis
    9. Tanzanian Community in Norwich

      Disability is not Inability
    10. Smash Mouth Education

      Smash Mouth Education and Rai2Ban
    11. Cromer & Sheringham Art & Literary Festival

      African Drumming and Dance for all the family
    12. Cromer and Sheringham Arts Festival

      The Mingus Project Jazz Concert
    13. Made in Norfolk

      Made in Norfolk
    14. The Mudeka Foundation and St Andrew’s Church Hingham

      Tambai! African Family Afternoon
    15. Sharon Tendai Parr

      Baking Craft with Tendai
    16. Totem

      African Café – family cookery workshop CANCELLED
    17. Families United of Norwich

      Remembering the Founders
  • Black Excellence Grant Winners 2011

    Rasselas Lakew as Abebe Bikila in the film The Athlete (Atletu)

    In August, Norfolk County Council asked residents to find an innovative way to raise awareness of Black Excellence by identifying their favourite black role model, and in doing so, help promote racial equality and tackle hate crime. Residents responded with a huge number of ideas and more than 100 people, both groups and individuals, from across the county will be running events throughout October to celebrate inspirational black people who have made or are making a difference to society.

    Norfolk County Council Norwich Ambition

    The list of role models who have been chosen by people in Norfolk comprises 15 names in total, some with international significance and some who have had a direct and positive impact on communities in Norfolk.

    All the successful applicants listed below were awarded £200 grants to help them stage an event during Black History Month (also listed) that will celebrate their chosen role models and promote racial equality in their local community.

    1. Kenyan Community

      Jomo Kenyatta, founding president of Kenya

      Jomo Kenyatta was the first president of independent Kenya as leader of the Kenyan African National Union in December 1964 and a prominent independence leader. As president, he worked to establish harmonious race relations, appealing to all to forget past injustices and work together for the development of Kenya.

    2. Eden Kidane - Ethio-Eritrean

      Haile Gebrselassie

      Haile Gebrselassie is considered one of the greatest distance runners in history. Gebrselassie is said to have broken 61 Ethiopian National Records ranging from 800 meters to the marathon and set 27 world records.

    3. Anna Mudeka

      Mothers of African descent

      Through the running of the home, the fields, having the baby on their back, soothing the child to sleep with the power of their voice, African women have been the main power behind families, politics and every day life.

      Victims of the slave trade and their ancestors in the Americas whose names have not been recorded by history

      Celebrating the lives of the millions of people who whilst not physically resisting those in power, they maintained their cultural dignity, refusing to allow their humanity to be destroyed. They combined artistic elements of the ruling classes with their own traditions and commented on the pretensions of those who thought themselves to be superior.

    4. Zimbabwean Community Association Norwich (ZIMCAN)

      Mr Hope Gangata
    5. Gambian African Network

      Kunta Kinteh

      This event will be celebrating the heroism of Kunta Kinteh a slave whose origin was traced back to the village of Juffereh, near James Island in The Gambia, West Africa who endured pain to keep his African name in defiance of slavery.

    6. Cromer and Sheringham Arts and Literary Festival (CASAF)

      Usifu Jalloh

      Usifu is a professional actor, dancer, percussionist and storyteller originally from Sierra Leone, whose unique skills introduce audiences and participants to West African traditions and cultures. An effervescent personality, Usifu’s background in theatre makes him an ideal and dynamic workshop leader. His workshops combine elements of drumming, dancing, storytelling and games to uplift, inspire and educate youngsters and adults alike.

    7. Cley Poetry Circle

      Kenny Baraka
    8. Creative Arts East

      Abebe Bikila

      Abebe Bikila was a two-time Olympic marathon champion from Ethiopia. When he won the marathon at the Rome Olympics, he became the first black African Olympic gold medal winner in history.

      Oladipo Agboluaje

      Oladipo Agboluaje (born 1968) is a British playwright and an emerging force in British Black drama. He was born in Hackney and educated in Britain and Nigeria. He has written a number of acclaimed plays, including Early Morning (an adaptation of Mother Courage and her Children), God is a DJ and The Estate. Described as an ‘exciting, vital new voice with a sharp satirical eye’, Oladipo Agboluaje is winning recognition for his ability to write plays that transcend two cultures – African and British ways of life.

    9. Norwich Development African Refugees Organisation (NDARO)

      Tristin DJ, Ms Julie Kitopi and Ms Adele Nondo

      Tristin DJ inspires us with the African rhythms and tunes which are performed occasional at community events. Adele and Julie have earned the good reputation within our community for their simple but tasty African based cuisine.

    10. Interface Learning

      Clive Lewis

      Clive is the Reach role model for the Eastern Region. He has taken an interest in the young people that we work with and is an inspiration to them.

      Patrice Lumumba

      Patrice Lumumba was a patriot who fought for the freedom of the Congolese people from the Belgian King, who treated the Congo as his own private business. Despite his poor education and humble origin, he rose to become a leader and inspiration for his people, and the first Prime Minister.

      Gadalla Gubara

      Gadalla Gubara was a Sudanese filmmaker who has been making films since 1946. He is considered the first African filmmaker and has been a pioneer of African cinema. His daughter, Sarah Gubara, is considered Sudan’s first female film director. Our mentees are mainly young Africans who do not see examples of African arts and culture recognised in the UK.

      Glennis Masuko

      Glennis Masuko is a wonderful Zimbabwean dancer based in Norwich.

  • Request for Your Feedback on Events

    We hope that everyone enjoys or takes something positive away from the events organised for Norfolk Black History Month. But we’d like to do more than hope.

    That’s why we’d like to get your feedback on the BHM events you attend in Norfolk during October. We’re asking event organisers for their opinions, as well. Your views will help us to find out what went well and what we could improve next year.

    We’ve made available, to download and complete:

    We’d be grateful if you could please take the time to download a form (or forms!), complete and return your feedback to us. Both these PDF files contain our contact information. Thank you in advance!

  • Winning Bursary Bids 2010

    David McAlmont
    Photo: David McAlmont @ The Jazz Cafe 21/08/06
    Photo credit: neil365, on Flickr, CC

    Recently we invited groups and individuals across Norfolk to apply for one of 14 bursaries, each £200, in order to hold an event to celebrate their favourite Black role model from history or the present day. Here are the winning bids!

    Norfolk Community Cohesion & Norfolk County Council Black History Month Bursary Awards

    1. Culture Cross Roads £200 award & 200 GOLD award

      Mapazi – Roots and Branches

      Anna Mudeka, Glynnis, José Ferrera Mulen, Girl in a Thunderbolt, Pexx – five of Norfolk’s finest Black musicians.

    2. TOTEM – African Bar/Restaurant £200 award

      Wangari Muta Maathai – a TOTEM event

      First African woman (Kenya) to win the Nobel Peace Prize

    3. International Friendship Group £200 award

      Maya Angelou

      Writer Maya Angelou’s works have inspired women suffering adverse conditions. Her work focuses on the oppression of women.

      The Group will purchase copies of Maya Angelou’s poetry to share, and will use their weekly sessions during October to discuss her work, and what it means. The group will also share their own poems. The group includes BME women from across Norfolk, some of who are the most isolated. The Group has replaced for some the extended families with whom they no longer have contact.

      These events are by invitation only.

      Contact Rachel Parker –, or Dee Robinson –

    4. Zimbabwean Community Association Norwich (ZIMCAN) £200 award

      An Evening with David Mwanaka – UK farmer & businessman
    5. Smash Mouth Education – £200 award


      Local resident DJ and broadcaster

      Rai2ban wants to be a local role model to promote good relations, and impact on young people positively through the local media, celebrating the positive contribution that Black people make in Norfolk.

      A series of radio broadcasts, podcasts and road-shows during October – with Beach FM in Great Yarmouth.

      For more information contact

    6. Shine – £200 award

      Lenny Henry

      Devoted to charity work, and making a massive difference around the globe.

      Shine is a small charity based in Gorleston. They will be theming all of their youth club sessions during the month of October around Black History Month, and helping the young people who attend understand how they can make a difference to issues of global poverty using the example of Lenny Henry.

      The Alpha Centre, Alpha Road, Gorleston

      For more information contact

    7. Cromer & Sheringham Arts & Literary Festival – £200 award

      Palm, Wine & Stout

      Segun Lee-French – singer, producer, poet, composer, playwright, film-maker

    8. Cromer & Sheringham Arts & Literary Festival – £200 award

      Story and Rhyme Time

      George Fiawoo – dancer, musician and storyteller

    9. International Men’s Workshop – £200 award

      Patrice Lumumba Seminar
    10. Interface Learning – Kick Box Club – £200 award

      Celebrating Muhammad Ali
    11. New Routes Mentoring Project – £200 award

      New Routes Mentoring Project with the BBC’s Clive Lewis
    12. Norfolk African Community Association – £200 award

      Africa Our Own History

      Dr Eshetu Wondimagegne – local resident

    13. Norfolk Education & Action for Development (NEAD) – £200 award

      David McAlmont

      Singer and songwriter

    14. Rebel Lion Sound System – £200 award

      Sister Aisha


      Kenny ‘Kulcha’ Moonie


  • Inspirational Black Role Models 2010

    Scientist, artist, teacher, doctor, politician, scholar, writer, activist, entrepreneur, volunteer… who do you think is history’s most inspirational Black role model?

    Who didn’t have a favourite hero or heroine growing up? Role models are so important – they inspire us to be the very best we can be. They remind us that anything is possible.

    To mark this year’s Black History Month, the Norfolk Community Cohesion Network in partnership with the Norfolk Black History Month Steering Group launched a new initiative – a bursary award to celebrate history’s most inspirational Black men and women.

    There are were 14 bursaries of £200 each available, which groups across Norfolk can could apply for to hold an event to celebrate their favourite Black role model from history or the present day. Anyone can could apply for a bursary – you could be an ‘official’ group, or just a group of friends with some creative ideas.

    A panel of judges will consider considered the applications, and the winning entries will be showcased at the Black History Month launch event on 1 October 2010. The overall best entry will be announced at the launch event, and awarded an additional £200 towards the future running costs of their group, in recognition of their efforts to promote racial equality in Norfolk.

    For more information and to apply for a bursary please contact us. Stayed tuned for details of winning bids, which will appear here.

    Update: all 14 bursaries have now been awarded! Here are the winning bids.

  • Free Equality Training

    Norwich & Norfolk Racial Equality Council (NNREC) and Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality (ISCRE) have been funded jointly under the Migrant Impact Funds to work on a Positve Impacts Project.

    Training will be run thoughout October and November

    As part of the project, we are able to offer free places on PTLLS courses (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) to members of our BME / Migrant Workers communities. The area of specialisation and subsequent training will be Equality.

    To qualify for the PTLLS course you will have to attend the pre-course training and be prepared to study the pre-course reading materials and become an Equality Trainer. The topic will be Equality and will cover the legal duties and frameworks across the six strands:

    • Age
    • Discrimination
    • Gender
    • Race
    • Religion & Beliefs
    • Sexual Orientation

    It will also explore Employment and Goods and Services.

    If you are interested in becoming an Equality trainer and delivering Equality training, we would really like to hear from you.

    To qualify for this course, you have to be:

    • A Suffolk or Norfolk resident
    • Able to learn and teach in English
    • Available for the pre-course training
    • Prepared to study the pre-course reading materials
    • Available to attend all the PTLLS classes
    • Willing and available to offer a minimum of two Equality training sessions before March 2011

    Support for childcare and travel expenses will be provided.

    For more information please contact us.

  • Poster Competition 2010

    Norwich & Norfolk Racial Equality Council is encouraging young people across Norfolk to get creative by designing a poster to recognise Positive Black Role Models for Norfolk Black History Month 2010.

    The initiative is to recognise and celebrate Positive Black Role Models. The closing date for the poster competition is 22nd October 2010. The competition is open to all 8-18 year olds throughout Norfolk. The age categories are 8-11, 11-16 and 16-18.

    Anne Matin, NNREC Chief Officer said, This is a fantastic opportunity to promote Positive Black Role Models, whilst encouraging creativity. We are looking forward to the great ideas that the young people come up with. The winners of each age category will receive a £30 gift voucher and certificate and £100 for their School, College, Academy or Youth Group.

    Poster Competition Rules:

    1. Posters entered for the competition must be no larger than an A3-420 x 297 mm.
    2. Any medium can be used to produce the poster, for example paint, crayon, collage, recycled materials or graphics.
    3. Each poster must be clearly marked on the back with the persons name and age, their teacher’s name or youth group leader, and the full address and telephone number of their School, College, Academy or Youth group.
    4. The closing date is 22 October 2010.
    5. The poster must be based on Positive Black Role Models.
    6. The judge will look for a mix of creativity and artistic skills.
    7. The judge’s decision is final and the Council regrets that entries cannot be returned.
    8. Entries will only be accepted from Schools, Colleges, Academies and Youth Groups within Norfolk.

    For more information please contact us.

What is Black History Month?

Here we detail some of the ideas and history behind the annual celebration.

Events By Year

Date Title
2016 Norfolk Black History Month
2015 Norfolk Black History Month
2014 Norfolk Black History Month
2013 Norfolk Black History Month
2012 Norfolk Black History Month
2011 Norfolk Black History Month
2010 Norfolk Black History Month
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