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Commission for Africa

Commission for Africa
One of the set of free schools posters.

The Commission for Africa was launched by former Prime Minister Tony Blair in February 2004 as a way of ensuring that Africa was at the top of the agenda when in 2005 the UK held the Presidencies of both the G8 and the EU. The Commission report, Our Common Interest, published on 11 March 2005, was very well received. It provides a comprehensive analysis of development issues in Africa. It is also a call to action, which provides an ideal opportunity for our young people to explore what it means to be a global citizen.

A set of six posters produced by educationalists are available for download, to stimulate classroom discussion and learning about the issues raised by the report. To support the posters a website – Learning Africa – was created (now offline, but available via the Internet Archive).

To obtain a hard-copy set of the posters, contact Leeds DEC.

Investigating topical themes is an excellent way to develop the global dimension in the curriculum. For lesson planning and creating activities, teachers will find details of more resources on Africa and the themes raised in the report at the Global Dimensions website.

The Guardian: BHM microsite

The Guardian’s BHM microsite has a set of five free Timeline Posters for download, which charts around 2,000 years of Black history.


Research and Biography Projects – Key Stage 3/Year 7 English

Pupils showing work from their schools project

KS3/Yr 7 English Research and Biography Projects developed by Joc Mack (AST), Framlingham Earl High School. Includes student worksheets for written and oral presentations.


Poetry by Maggie Harris (with materials)

Pupil writing on a whiteboard

Maggie Harris was born in Guyana and has lived in the UK since 1971. A practising poet, performer and writer, she is published widely in international journals. She was awarded the Guyana Prize for Literature for Limbolands in 2000. Here you can download a sample of her poems, related questions and activities.

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The resources that follow were developed by (AST), Framlingham Earl High School.

Pupils showing work from their schools project

The resource that follows was developed by , Creative Arts East.

What is Black History Month?

Here we detail some of the ideas and history behind the annual celebration.

Events By Year

Date Title
2016 Norfolk Black History Month
2015 Norfolk Black History Month
2014 Norfolk Black History Month
2013 Norfolk Black History Month
2012 Norfolk Black History Month
2011 Norfolk Black History Month
2010 Norfolk Black History Month
2009 Norfolk Black History Month