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Black History Month microsite
The Guardian’s BHM microsite includes a timeline marking key figures and significant events for Africans and the diaspora over the past 2,000 years, downloadable posters, and more.
Every Generation
Empowering and influencing the black community through history, family genealogy and heritage.
Black People in Britain
Black Presence
Black British history.
Your History
This BBC website gives advice on how to research your African-Caribbean roots.
Channel 4 microsite that brings together, records and celebrates the contributions of immigrant cultures to contemporary Britain.
Black Dimensions
The African Diaspora, Contributions to civilisation, Eurocentric view of the world.
EMA Home Page
Raising achievement, good practice and publications.
Martin Luther King Project
Biography, interactive timeline, lesson plans. presents Black History Month
African American History including biographies, photos, video.
100 Great Black Britons
A listing with biographies of each entry. details of schools competition run in 2004 – the activities suggested could still be used by schools.
Black History Archives
On-line exhibition on Asian and Black History in Britain 1500–1850 – Galleries and virtual journeys (requires Adobe Flash Player) of London, Liverpool and Bristol.
Academy of Achievement
American website giving more biographical information on high achievers from many spheres, including Civil Rights activist Rosa Parks and international achievers such as Desmond Tutu.
Civil Rights Timeline
Infoplease has a Civil Rights Timeline which charts the struggle for equal rights for Black Americans.
Black and Ethnic Minority Experience
A website set up to document the experiences of Black and other Ethnic Minority citizens of Wolverhampton, which now includes an audio archive which tell of the experiences of immigrants in their own words.
How to teach Black History Month
The Guardian Teacher Network has a wide range of resources to help investigate Black History Month in class or at home.
Africa for Kids
Interactive activities for primary pupils – visit an African school, play some tunes on a virtual thumb piano, make a mask and hear a Swahili folk tale.
National Archives Learning Curve
Lesson plans using original online source material, including a lesson on post-war immigration, with links to the Windrush archive.
Global Dimension
Bringing the world to the classroom,the Global Dimension website is an essential tool for teachers, providing a comprehensive guide to teaching resources, books, films,posters and websites.
Books and More
Books & More stock a big range of multicultural, Black History and anti-racism books.
BIS Publications
Publish educational resources that aim to encourage African-Caribbean children in particular to aim higher by depicting biographies of prominent achievers with whom they can identify. The motivational stories in the publications are there to inspire all who read them to pursue their dreams and be all that they can be.
Star Reads
Produce a range of posters in partnership with the National Literacy Trust, which celebrate Black History Month and aim to inspire young people to read more, particularly those from inner-city and Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds.
Black Success
The Black Success Stories E-book can be purchased for £9.95, containing interviews with some of the most prominent African Caribbean members of British society today.
Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise’s mission is to facilitate the development, growth and long-term sustainability of business enterprise through support, encouragement, education, training and finance.
List of African-American inventors and scientists
Wikipedia list.
Afro-Caribbean Network for Science and Technology
Teaching Resources.
Honouring Black Inventors
Black people in technology past and present.
African Inventors and Inventions
These pages offer a glimpse at the often uncredited contribution African Inventors and their inventions have made to modern day society.
Planet Science
Profile on Black Britsh Scientists past and present.
The 25 Most Important Events In Black Music History
25 Milestones in Black Music from 1660 to the present day. Article from Ebony Magazine.
African Heritage in Classical Music.
100 Black Screen Icons
100 of the most significant international black (African diaspora) personalities in film and television.
Black Theatre in Britain
History of Black Theatre in UK.
An online resource which links the Black film community while cultivating national and international audiences interested in their work. This site provides a forum for filmmakers, scholars and organizations to present information and promote artistic expression.
Black Arts Alliance
A UK Network of Black artists.
African American History through the Arts
The history and influence of African art.
Kick Racism out of Football
Official homepage of the campaign
Football Factsheet
Black Footballers in Britain
Cave Canem
A home for Black Poetry
African American Literature in the united states 1734-1860
A chronology of African-American literature from its inception to the present-day
National Archives
National Archives on famous British black writers
A Guide for Black Writers (PDF File, 223 KB)
Provides a range of factual information designed to support and encourage new writing in the Black sector Interweaving this information on theatre, radio, television, film, live art, music theatre and performance poetry the writer and cultural critic Michael McMillan provides a commentary on Black writing evolution and development, its successes and obstacles to overcome.
Real Histories
The Real Histories Directory is an online resource tool for teachers, parents, pupils and the wider community to support teaching and learning about cultural diversity in the UK. It provides access to information about a wide range of online and offline materials, resources and learning opportunities.
Moving Here
An extensive on-line archive detailing 200 years of migration to Britain.
Be Me
BE-ME was established in 1999 to record the experiences of African-Caribbean and Asian people who came to Wolverhampton after World War II and has recorded over 100 audio/video interviews. This website also contains on-line learning packages created in conjunction with local schools and universities.
UK website for all things Caribbean.
Acts of Achievement
Events in Manchester and the North-West.
Leicester BHM
Events listings.
Birmingham BHM
Events listings, local history.
Black Britain
Business, Columists, Diversity, Entertainment, Jobs – Requires free registration for full use.
Operation Black Vote
Focuses exclusively on the Black democratic deficit in the UK.

What is Black History Month?

Here we detail some of the ideas and history behind the annual celebration.

Events By Year

Date Title
2016 Norfolk Black History Month
2015 Norfolk Black History Month
2014 Norfolk Black History Month
2013 Norfolk Black History Month
2012 Norfolk Black History Month
2011 Norfolk Black History Month
2010 Norfolk Black History Month
2009 Norfolk Black History Month