Local Artists and World Voices to support Black History Month

World Voices
José Ferrera Mulen facilitating a drumming workshop.

NEAD maintains a network of contacts with artists and performers who can do schools’ work – musicians, storytellers, puppeteers, dancers, artists and craftspersons and others – as well as people who can come into schools and other settings to run workshops related to Black History – World Voices.

Sessions with World Voices:

  • enable young people and their teachers to learn about other countries and cultures;
  • help develop global citizenship by showing the interdependence of our world, addressing local/global sustainable development issues, promoting multicultural awareness and fostering anti-racist attitudes;
  • can be linked to other National Curriculum areas such as Literacy and English, PSHE/Citizenship, Geography, Music, Art and Design, and Dance.

Most of these facilitators are professionals and will therefore require a fee. A few are volunteers, and will run sessions for expenses only. You should contact them as far in advance as possible, allowing at least one month before the visit. You can find more information on the websites below and can contact the artists directly to arrange workshops.

For more info and advice about arranging and preparing for workshop visits, please visit NEAD’s World Voices pages.

What is Black History Month?

Here we detail some of the ideas and history behind the annual celebration.

Events By Year

Date Title
2016 Norfolk Black History Month
2015 Norfolk Black History Month
2014 Norfolk Black History Month
2013 Norfolk Black History Month
2012 Norfolk Black History Month
2011 Norfolk Black History Month
2010 Norfolk Black History Month
2009 Norfolk Black History Month